Monday, May 08, 2006

We made a survey about general hygiene. We are trying to find out how people are living, what they like and what they do.

In our survey we had ten questions, seven of them were one choice question, one was a yes/no question but in this one they had to specify their answer and two of them were multiple choice answers. We but a link on our blog so the people can easily answer the survey and we had 57 respondents.

Most of the respondents came from Longueuil with 29.8%, following but somewhere else in Canada with 26.3%. Many people came from Europe but none from Africa. Must of people who wrote that they are from an other country came from New Zealand.
The people who answered this survey watch TV for zero to five hour per week in 64.9% but 8.8% watch it for more than ten hours. The question how many times do you study in a week most people who answered the question were studying between three and five hours per week with 39.3%. One person didn’t answer this question. We think that this person is a teacher because he told us that he takes the bus to go to school or work. But this missing answer is strange. The question ‘do you work’? The majority of the people work with 78.6%. 28.6% of these people work between ten and fifteen hours by week. This result is following by the people who are working more than twenty hours per week with 26.8%. We can see that more than half of the people in their free times are on the computer. When they said they do something else, most of them where practice a sport or see friends and family. When we asked if the public practised sports they answered yes at 80.7% the one who didn’t practise sport told us that he goes to the gym do some exercise.
Half of the respondents, 50% are going to school or work by car, of 4 people who answered ‘other’, one of them wrote a stupid thing, like ‘space Stuttle’ and one told us that he goes to work by navy ship. In general the folks like pasta with 31.6% and they go normally eat at the restaurant one time per week at 38.6%, none of the respondents answered that they go to eat five times or more in a restaurant. For the last question: how many hours do you sleep in a night? 66.7% told us that they sleep between six and eight hours per night. Some of them told us that they sleep less than 4 hours per night: that is a little stranger.

We are really happy about how the people answered the survey. Most of them look like they told us the truth. We know now that people have a normal life with some defect like they are on the computer in their free time more than doing sport. Mostly the respondents have a great style of life. It is sure that if we need to change something in this survey we would ask the age of the person, because we can’t find out which grade is the person.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Come to answer my survey !!!!!!

Click here to complete my survey about General Hygiene.

Monday, February 27, 2006

my place

My place

I live in a small town.It's not a great town, but it’s nice to live there; quiet, relaxing, the typical area south of Montréal. At this moment, we can see ice everywhere. The winter is not really nice, it’s raining or snowing or really warm for this season and after really cold. In my little town we don’t have lots of activities but we are really proud of our church St-Anne Basilica. We have a pub, which is not a beautiful place; however it’s the perfect place for drink a beer with some friends on Friday night. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my town's name is Varennes.